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"FOR THE elegant HEARTS,

LOVERS OF emotion


THE QUIET, still,

intimate MOMENTS

Kind Words

An ode to lovers of stories, connection and those

simple & deep moments.


A celebration is in order, and I'm here for it!

Hi! I'm Pia! - photographer, storyteller & sucker for simple & deep moments! I  revel in emotion and love nothing more than to journey with awesome couples on the lead up to their best day yet. Photography is my art but deep down, I am a lover of people, self-proclaimed best hype woman and a pure, sentimental old soul.


"Our whole journey with Pia was exactly what we wanted. We both absolutely dread being in front of the camera, we find it awkward and uncomfortable.. but after chats with Pia and just her general style and approach, we knew it would be perfect! Pia made us feel relaxed, nothing was too posed or stiff. We had a laugh, could joke around and be ourselves and still felt our photos came out looking super professional and we felt as though we generally just looked confident and that we knew what we were doing - which we really didn’t! Thanks Pia and the team for doing all that and making an awkward couple look pretty damn good if we may so so ourselves!"

- N+D

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in uniqueness 

Weddings are the day when time stands still, you look around and breathe, taking it all in. It's an exhilarating, 

intimate adventure worth celebrating down to the very detail in your own unique way.

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