Covid 19 - Cancelled your wedding, Now What?

Updated: Apr 10

It's unprecedented times.

We know.

How many times have we heard this right?!

Wherever you are in the world, we know virtually everyone has been impacted. Now, we along with the rest of New Zealand (and other countries) are in a 4 week quarantine.... No events. No weddings. No social gatherings. Zip. Zero. Nada.

With thousands of couple's plans being put on stand-still, we've put this list together on 8 ways you can STILL plan your wedding during Covid-19. Let's go wild... at home!

1. Congratulate Yourself

If you've cancelled your wedding, that means you did not go ahead with it. Well done. You have chosen to give your day the honour it deserves and not put your guest's at risk. Who wants guests talking about a deadly virus for 6 hours right?!

2. Talk to all your Vendors

Hopefully, your vendors have already reached out to you, but if not, hit them up and ask them what their postponement policies are. Postponements under normal circumstances incur fees as most vendors can only take one wedding per day meaning if you've already locked in your date, chances are they've turned down another 5 or so. Choosing to postpone close to the date, may put a strain on their business more than you imagine.

We haven't met one vendor who hasn't offered flexibility during Covid-19 though and most are allowing open postponements, credit holds and even partial refunds so don't be afraid to ask.

3. Don't Stop Planning!

Depending on how you spend your days, chances are you now have double the time, if not more, you had before Covid-19 hit. Now is the time to think about all those details that make your day uniquely yours.

The first few weeks of our 3 month planning conundrum were manic. The list of tasks we had was crazy and would often leave us feeling overwhelmed, which left little mental space for important things like sleep. All can relate, sister.

Right before being forced to cry into beer bottles for some form of solace, our Maid of Honour (project manager by trade) whipped up a homemade spreadsheet for us which broke down a landslide of tasks to monthly, then weekly to-do's. Goodbye sorrowful beer bottle, hello trusty ol' mate caffeine.

We could now see how we were tracking and could assign tasks to later months so they didn't jumble our minds 24/7.

Coffee in hand, we were ready to get down to business.

We don't have to become another wedding planning meme but instead, can simplify our plans and not make everything more complicated (or expensive). Snag yourself a copy of our wedding planning spreadsheet and make it your own. It's nothing fancy, but truly a resource that saved out day (and kept us sane). Go well with is. Ya welcome fam.

4. Remove things that aren't necessary

We all do it, we first say we will keep to budget, then we give up and say yes to all the expensive things.

Stop it sister.

With new found time, go through all your decor and see if you can simplify them, trust an expert with them or simply cut them out completely.

Disposing of the unnecessary will give you more room to fill your day with all the priceless goodies you'll look back on and melt in happiness and love.

5. Revisit your Spendings and set up a Budget Tracker

This is another gem of a thing you can do for your wedding which will not only help you get a good grasp for what you've booked versus haven't booked, but also help you not succumb to the financial pressures of planning a wedding.

We used The Curator's epic budget tracker which helped us stay on budget and make adjustment when needed.

May we add, The Curator's other features are top-notch and if you're looking for top of the line vendors in New Zealand, The Curator is for you. What we love about them is that they're a lot more personal than other wedding directories and are genuine in their efforts to connect vendors with couples. Plus, the curator team is absolute boss and the loveliest bunch.

6. Make a Plan for the day you were meant to have your Wedding

It doesn't all have to be a downer. Together with your fiancé, plan a cute indoor date on the day you were meant to have your wedding day. Chances are, that day already means a lot to you both and just because your wedding day isn't happening on that day, it does not mean that that day is no longer special.

Date ideas during lockdown coming to you soon on the next blog!

7. Get your Bridal Party Together

Give your ladies (and lads) a heads up on what you're thinkking and how the plans are going. Perhaps hold a virtual party or pop a bottle of champagne in your respective homes together. Involve them in the process, help them to help you plan.

8. Embrace the silver linings

Above all, keep positive. Love isn't cancelled. Intimacy isn't cancelled. Friendships, food, dancing, fun are not cancelled. During this time, allow yourself to be creative and free, embracing new perspectives that will make your day 100 times better than the original pre-Covid plan. Who knows, maybe this is the best thing that could have happened...

Here's to funner, more in love, radder versions of ourselves.

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