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Jony & Alistair Allely Estate Auckland Wedding

Allely Estate Auckland, New Zealand Wedding

How many emotion can you feel in one day? Pure joy, deep love, pain, sadness, grief, gratitude.

Jony & Alistair reached out to us a month before their wedding. We were touched, honoured and moved by their words at first glance. Jony’s warrior of a mama is fighting cancer and her one desire was to see these two soulmates get married.

They surprised everyone when, after their first dance, shaved each other heads in honour of mum. It was one of the most powerful moments we’ve witnessed and are still in awe at how beautiful these two, their families and this was was. Every single emotions was welcomed by this family to dine together in the table of life and family. It was a powerful scene we won’t forget.

We danced, cried, laughed, ate, yelled and cried. Together.

Weddings are a lot of things to a lot of people. To us, they are blinks in time that etch the beauty of what makes us human. Families come together, old friends are reunited, new beginnings are formed, and the truth about the bonds we have with each other are spoken about. This is why!

J&A, we have so much love for you. We're grateful for your trust, love and friendship!

Cheering you on, always - Songbirds



Make up (Jony herself!) @jony.creates

Florals: @bloomed_nz

Bride’s nails: @hananail_nz



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