We know that relationships are so much more than just two halves coming together as some might say... 

The real beauty is when two people choose each other and a brand new song is first heard. This special moment is what we never get tired of celebrating.

We are Anaru & Pia

Mr. & Mrs. Church, best friends, lovers of love and suckers for simple & deep moments

Songbirds represent two souls, with different make ups, choosing to become one and sing with each other forever. That's a pretty good metaphor for what we love to do!

We work together, always, to capture weddings, engagement and elopements all over New Zealand & anywhere that love calls. 


Anaru is Maori and Pia is Mexican!


We first met when Anaru was 15 and Pia was 18 at church! We then crossed paths again 6 years later at the same place.

We got married in November 30th 2019, 3 months after Anaru proposed

For our wedding, we hired an AirBnB in Raglan, NZ for our wedding venue. We invited all our friends for the weekend and celebrated under a huge outdoor fairy light ceiling.

Anaru is a professional musician and has sung many brides down the aisle.

Pia is a black belt in TaeKwonDo and is a New Zealand national champion.

Anaru was originally a builder by trade but he took a leap of faith into the creative world of photography. He still builds handy things from time to time.

Pia has a secret passion for aviation and is working towards getting her Pilot's Licence.

Our favourite pastimes include hunting down good coffee, watching movies, playing board games, hiking, road-tripping and any grand excuse to meet new people. 

We have a gizzilion things we want to do in our lives, including becoming a barber and florist and opening up a shop, owning an ice cream van and touring New Zealand, being a musical traveling duo, creating new businesses, start a family, capture a thousand weddings and who knows what else!

Our biggest goal in life is to become love.



Contact / hello@songbirdsphotography.com

Phone / +64 21 0448344 (NZ)



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