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I know that relationships are so much more than just two halves coming together as some might say... 

The real beauty is when two people choose each other and a brand new song is first heard. This special moment is what I never get tired of celebrating.

Lover of people, self-proclaimed best hype woman and a pure, sentimental old soul.

Songbirds represent two souls, with different make ups, choosing to become one and sing with each other forever. That's a pretty good metaphor for what I love to do!

I work together with fellow photographers and videographers to capture weddings, engagement and elopements allover New Zealand & anywhere that love calls. 


Songbirds was started by Pia Bacino after her best friend got married and was asked to do her engagement shoot! The rest was history. 


 Pia's love for photography started when she got her first film camera at 8 years old.

It wasn't until 2011 that she went all in into photography and 2020 when she went into wedding photography. 


Pia is from 3 countries! - Her parents are from Uruguay, was born in Mexico but has lived in New Zealand for 17 years!

In the past, Pia has hiked the Himalayas, travelled to third world countries and volunteered photo and video for non-profits, orphanages and schools, lived in a Buddhist orphanage, trained as a life coach, became a pastor, illustrated a book and flown seaplanes.

  Pia's favourite pastimes include hunting down good coffee, watching movies, playing board games, hiking, road-tripping and any grand excuse to meet new people. 

She has a gizzilion things she wants to do in her life, including becoming a florist and opening up a shop, owning an ice cream van and touring New Zealand, writing poetry books, creating more businesses capture a thousand weddings and who knows what else!

Pia's biggest goal in life is to become love and spread it far and wide.

Now it's your turn to tell us your story!

I can't wait to meet you!

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