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Nesa & Fala's Manhattan Auckland Wedding

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Venue Hope Centre NZ Wedding Ceremony Manhattan Function Room Wedding Reception Auckland New Zealand

Wedding couple at sunset just married

It's not every day you hear stories about two people coming together that leave you completely floored.

Fala & Nesa have been dear friends of ours for many years, even before we ourselves were together. They celebrated our own wedding day with us as just boyfriend and girlfriend and, as we later learned, were already planning their wedding at the time not long after a few odd months of being together!

Turn back the clock and about 4 years ago, you would have found Fala, Nesa and the both of us, doing Bible College together. As part of the course, we travelled to Tonga to connect with the beautiful Tongan people, speak at schools, churches and offer a hand of love. Throughout our many conversations as friends on the trip, we would belly laugh and chuckle all day long at how Nesa would say she had always dreamed of marrying her 'Tongan Prince'. Nesa is Samoan, you see,  but despite the long-lasting rivalry between the two nations, a little Romeo & Juliet story was about to brew. Unbeknownst to her, her Tongan Prince, aka Fala, oblivious to the fact, was on the same trip chilling just 2 rooms over.

It's surreal how our dreams work out, and so, Fala & Nesa's Wedding was, to us, so much more than two people coming together. Their multi-cultural Wedding ceremony held at Hope Centre NZ and reception at Auckland Central's Manhattan Function Room was a colourful celebration of a match made in heaven finally getting the hurrays it deserved. Welcome to the world, Mr & Mrs Taufa. 

Here's to the many wild adventures God will take you on as husband and wife.


Photography: Songbirds Photography

Ceremony Venue: Hope Centre NZ

Celebrant: Luka Robertson

Reception: Manhattan Function Room, Auckland

Catering: Manhattan Catering


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